Case Accessories & Modding

Make your case your own with our range of accessories and modifications. From LED lights to anodised aluminium thumb screws with Viking head designs we will have something for everyone's taste. Not into the modding scene but want to get the most out of your computer case then our case accessories line are perfect for adding another drive bay to your computer or converting one size to another.

MSI DC111 Mounting Bracket

£8.04 inc VAT

Icy Box IB-2240SK Back Plane for 4x 2.5" SATA HDD

Icy Box IB-2240SK Back Plane for 4x 2.5" SATA HDD

£57.53 inc VAT

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CCL Choice Dual HDD Bracket 2.5" to 3.5" HDD/SSD Mounting Kit
Ideal for mounting your SSD to your spare 3.5" drive bay

Manufacturer: Generic   CCL Code: ACC0455
Mnfr Code: ACE-900

£3.00 inc VAT


Akasa SSD/HDD 2.5 & 3.5 Adapter

Manufacturer: Akasa   CCL Code: CAS0212
Mnfr Code: AK-HDA-01

£4.03 inc VAT


Powercool 30cm Blue LED Strip
IP65 SMD5050 18pcs LED Molex Connector Retail Box

Manufacturer: Powercool   CCL Code: ACC0872
Mnfr Code: 30CM LED BLUE

£4.96 inc VAT


Be Quiet! Universal Mid Tower Noise Absorder Kit

Manufacturer: Be Quiet!   CCL Code: ACC0661
Mnfr Code: BGZ13

£15.00 inc VAT


Sony Lithium Coin Battery 3V 220mAh - 1 Pack (Cmos battery)

Manufacturer: Sony   CCL Code: ACC0616
Mnfr Code: CR2032B1A

£0.76 inc VAT


Akasa AK-HDA-03 Dual 2.5 inch SDD/HDD Mount 2.5 Bay

Manufacturer: Akasa   CCL Code: ACC0437
Mnfr Code: AK-HDA-03

£3.53 inc VAT


StarTech.com Universal VESA LCD Monitor Mounting Bracket for 19 inch Rack or Cabinet

Manufacturer: Startech   CCL Code: CAS0468
Mnfr Code: RKLCDBK

£26.76 inc VAT


StarTech.com Self-Adhesive Rubber feet for PC Cases (4 Pack)

Manufacturer: Startech   CCL Code: ACC0153

£1.40 inc VAT


Antec Advance Accent Lighting 6 Blue LED USB Powered Strip

Manufacturer: Antec   CCL Code: ACC0762
Mnfr Code: 0-761345-77030-9

£9.98 inc VAT


StarTech 11 Piece PC Computer Tool Kit
with Carrying Case

Manufacturer: Startech   CCL Code: ACC1311
Mnfr Code: CTK200

£10.55 inc VAT


Powercool 30cm White LED Strip
IP65 SMD5050 18pcs LED Molex Connector Retail Box

Manufacturer: Powercool   CCL Code: ACC0870
Mnfr Code: 30CM LED WHITE

£4.96 inc VAT


Manufacturer: MSI   CCL Code: CAS1459
Mnfr Code: MSI_DC111_Bracket

£8.04 inc VAT


CCL Choice Slide Rails

Manufacturer: CCL Choice   CCL Code: ACC0720
Mnfr Code: 84H341300-002

£24.46 inc VAT


Icy Box IB-148SSK-B Mobile Rack for 3.5" & 2.5" SATA/SAS HDD and SSD

Manufacturer: ICYBOX   CCL Code: CAS2232
Mnfr Code: IB-148SSK-B

£32.88 inc VAT


Akasa AK-HDA-05 3.5 Inch Device/SSD/HDD Adapter
Mounting adapter allows a 3.5" device, 3.5" HDD or 2.5" SSD/HDD to fit into a 5.25" PC drive bay.

Manufacturer: Akasa   CCL Code: ACC0267
Mnfr Code: AK-HDA-05

£5.93 inc VAT


Aerocool DS 200 Acrylic Side Window Panel w/ Noise Dampening

Manufacturer: Aero Cool   CCL Code: CAS1518
Mnfr Code: EN51882

£16.52 inc VAT


StarTech 3.5 inch Black Multi Port Panel for Front Drive Bay
with HD Audio eSATA / Firewire 400 / USB 2.0

Manufacturer: Startech   CCL Code: CAS0735

£19.28 inc VAT


Cooler Master Transparent Acrylic Left Side Window Panel for CM Storm Trooper Cases (Black)

Manufacturer: CM Storm   CCL Code: CAS1084
Mnfr Code: SGA-5000-KWN1

£24.68 inc VAT


Asustor Black HD Tray    for 2.5" and 3.5" -      AS-60X Series

Manufacturer: Asustor   CCL Code: ACC0617
Mnfr Code: 92T11-00001

£11.64 inc VAT


5.25" AKASA interconnect PRO, Ali panel
with USB (4xUSB2 & 2x USB3), USB 3.0 card reader & eSATA

Manufacturer: Akasa   CCL Code: ACC0573
Mnfr Code: AK-HC-05U3BK

£32.70 inc VAT