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Testimonials - March 2015

Case Accessories & Modding

Make your case your own with our range of accessories and modifications. From LED lights to anodised aluminium thumb screws with Viking head designs we will have something for everyone's taste. Not into the modding scene but want to get the most out of your computer case then our case accessories line are perfect for adding another drive bay to your computer or converting one size to another.

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CCL Choice Dual HDD Bracket 2.5" to 3.5" HDD/SSD Mounting Kit
Ideal for mounting your SSD to your spare 3.5" drive bay

Manufacturer: Generic   CCL Code: ACC0455
Mnfr Code: ACE-900

Was £4.00 - Save £1.50

Now only £2.50 inc VAT


ASUS USB 3.1 Type-C 5.25" Front Panel w/ USB Power Delivery

Manufacturer: ASUS   CCL Code: CAS2366
Mnfr Code: 90MC03H0-M0EAY0

£40.00 inc VAT


Corsair SSD Mounting Bracket

Manufacturer: Corsair   CCL Code: CAS1444
Mnfr Code: CSSD-BRKT1

Was £8.41 - Save £5.45

Now only £2.96 inc VAT


Powercool 30cm Blue LED Strip
IP65 SMD5050 18pcs LED Molex Connector Retail Box

Manufacturer: Powercool   CCL Code: ACC0872
Mnfr Code: 30CM LED BLUE

Was £4.96 - Save £0.46

Now only £4.50 inc VAT


5.25 inch to 3.5 inch Tray Converter (silver)
Converts 3.5 floppy drive/card reader to fit in 5.25" bay

Manufacturer: Startech   CCL Code: CAS0199
Mnfr Code: BRACKET

RRP £2.86 - Save £0.64

CCL Price £2.22 inc VAT


StarTech.com Dual 2.5 inch SATA Hard Drive to 3.5 inch Bay Mounting Bracket

Manufacturer: Startech   CCL Code: HDD2317
Mnfr Code: BRACKET25X2

RRP £15.59 - Save £9.17

CCL Price £6.42 inc VAT


StarTech 11 Piece PC Computer Tool Kit
with Carrying Case

Manufacturer: Startech   CCL Code: ACC1311
Mnfr Code: CTK200

RRP £17.39 - Save £6.84

CCL Price £10.55 inc VAT


Anti-Static Wristband

Manufacturer: CCL Choice   CCL Code: ACC0350
Mnfr Code: ATR-ACCASW01

Was £3.06 - Save £0.23

Now only £2.83 inc VAT


StarTech.com Blanking Slot Plates for PC (10 Pack)

Manufacturer: Startech   CCL Code: ACC0242

RRP £12.41 - Save £9.40

CCL Price £3.01 inc VAT


Akasa SSD/HDD 2.5 & 3.5 Adapter

Manufacturer: Akasa   CCL Code: CAS0212
Mnfr Code: AK-HDA-01

£4.16 inc VAT


Akasa AK-HDA-05 3.5 Inch Device/SSD/HDD Adapter
Mounting adapter allows a 3.5" device, 3.5" HDD or 2.5" SSD/HDD to fit into a 5.25" PC drive bay.

Manufacturer: Akasa   CCL Code: ACC0267
Mnfr Code: AK-HDA-05

£5.93 inc VAT


Be Quiet! Universal Mid Tower Noise Absorber Kit

Manufacturer: Be Quiet!   CCL Code: ACC0661
Mnfr Code: BGZ13

Was £14.23 - Save £4.25

Now only £9.98 inc VAT


NZXT LED Cable 100cm Orange

Manufacturer: NZXT   CCL Code: CAB1209
Mnfr Code: CBLED10OR

Was £11.88 - Save £1.38

Now only £10.50 inc VAT


Akasa Fan Controller 3.5" brushed aluminium panel USB2.0
with three channel fan controller

Manufacturer: Akasa   CCL Code: CAS0757
Mnfr Code: AK-FC-06BKV2

£11.52 inc VAT


StarTech.com USB 3.0 Front Panel 4 Port Hub - 3.5 - 5.25 inch Bay

Manufacturer: Startech   CCL Code: CAS1412
Mnfr Code: 35BAYUSB3S4

RRP £47.99 - Save £18.97

CCL Price £29.02 inc VAT


Sony Lithium Coin Battery 3V 220mAh - 1 Pack (Cmos battery)

Manufacturer: Sony   CCL Code: ACC0616
Mnfr Code: CR2032B1A

Was £3.31 - Save £2.57

Now only £0.74 inc VAT


Akasa AK-HDA-03 Dual 2.5 inch SDD/HDD Mount 2.5 Bay

Manufacturer: Akasa   CCL Code: ACC0437
Mnfr Code: AK-HDA-03

£4.15 inc VAT


Dynamode SSD-KIT 2.5 inch HDD or SSD Conversion for 3.5 inch Drive Bays

Manufacturer: Dynamode   CCL Code: ACC0432
Mnfr Code: SSD-KIT

£4.94 inc VAT


StarTech.com 2.5 inch Hard Drive to 3.5 inch Drive Bay Mounting Kit Storage bay Adaptor

Manufacturer: Startech   CCL Code: ACC0212

RRP £14.39 - Save £8.80

CCL Price £5.59 inc VAT


Manufacturer: Generic   CCL Code: CAS1670
Mnfr Code: GalaxyFront

£21.40 inc VAT