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Deus Ex - The Fall Review

A return to the very yellow world of Deus Ex (more)

Strider (2014) Review

One of Capcom's less well known series gets a modern revival. (more)

Sonic Lost World - Review

Dan takes a look at the latest game in the Sonic series (more)

Grand Theft Auto V - Review

A bit overdue you might say, but better late than never (more)

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Review

Mark takes a look at the latest lego game. (more)

Latest News

Kickstart Corner : Koe - A JRPG that helps to teach Japanese

Another Kickstarter that I feel should be a worthwhile (more)

A new Humble Bundle has entered the fray

Humble Bundle 11, bigger and better than ever. (more)

Nvidia 334.89 WHQL Drivers Released

Performance Boost : Increases performance by up to 19% for GeForce 400/500/600/700 series GPUs in several PC games vs. the previous WHQL-certified drivers (332.21). (more)

Crowdsourcing to a whole new level

The Twitch community is trying to play Pokemon. (more)

When Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 is not enough....

You can now play Goat Simulator ! (more)

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Retro Review - Jungle Strike (1993)


Pokemon for the Mega Drive - Unlicensed Game Review


Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn hits IndieGoGo

Everybody's worst game is on the comeback. (more)

Squirrel King - Unlicensed Game Review

Unlicensed games, they can't all be bad can they? (more)

Road Redemption gameplay video revealed

Gameplay including the Grenade Launcher and Uzi has been shown (more)

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