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Testimonials - March 2015
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Articles from CCL Tech

Latest Articles

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

Kept you waiting, huh? (more)

Super Mario Maker Review

Dan takes a look into making his own levels with Super Mario Maker (more)

Mad Max Review

Dan spends some time with the Road Warrior in the latest Mad Max game (more)

Retro Review - Snatcher

A look back at one of Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima's less well known games (more)

Retro Review - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Dan ventures into the weird and wonderful world of Termina (more)

Latest News

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Now in Beta

A shiny new version of Minecraft is now available to go with Windows 10 (more)

Humble 2K Bundle Launches

New AAA Humble Bundle Available (more)

Summer Steam Sale Begins

The Steam sale is back, prepare your bank balance for pain. (more)

Xbox One Controller Now Compatible With PC

Pad fans rejoice! (more)

Kickstart Corner : Koe - A JRPG that helps to teach Japanese

Another Kickstarter that I feel should be a worthwhile (more)

Latest Blogs

Play Expo 2015

Dan and the CCL team attend this year's Play Expo for another round of fun and games. (more)

EGX 2015 Birmingham

The CCL team travel to Birmingham for the yearly EGX show to see some of this year's biggest upcoming games. (more)

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Performance and Problems

Ahead of his upcoming review, Dan takes a look at the widely reported issues with the new Batman: Arkham Knight game. (more)

Button Mash XI

Fun and games at a gaming event in our home town of Bradford (more)

Play Blackpool 2015

Fun and games at the Blackpool Play exhibition (more)

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