Shuttle Inc. (HQ), established in 1983, based in Taiwan, has an extensive worldwide network of subsidiaries, resellers, partners and suppliers. With over 25 years of experiences in design and manufacture, we promise premium mini-PC solutions like no others in the industry. Beside Shuttle brand desktop, now we offer you OEM notebooks in Mobility Business Units - New Ecosystem.

Featured Products from Shuttle

Shuttle X50V3L (15.6 inch Touchscreen) All-in-One PC

Atom Dual Core (D2550) No Memory/Hard Drive/Operating System (White)

£276.14 inc VAT


Shuttle SZ77R5 Barebone Personal Computer

Support the Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge Processor,
Support Dual Slot Graphic Card,
Integrated Cooling Engine Technology.

A New Breed of Mini Gaming PC

£255.56 inc VAT


Shuttle PC60 300W Power Supply

  • 2 Molex Connectors
  • 3 SATA Connectors
  • PCI-E Connectors (None)
  • 1 Floppy Type Connectors
  • CPU Power Connector 4-Pin

£61.08 inc VAT


Shuttle PV03 VESA Wall Mount Kits

for Shuttle XS36V Barebone Personal Computer

£7.61 inc VAT


Shuttle PV02 VESA Mount

for XG41 Barebone Personal Computer

£8.98 inc VAT


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