I don’t think you will hear anyone complaining but the prices of PC Monitors in the UK are continuing to tumble; in direct comparison to manufacturing and shipping costs.

While most PC components currently are showing an increase in manufacturing and purchase costs which are being negated by a slight increase in exchange rate the price of monitors is continuing to decline.

Prices have dropped by up to 23% if you take pricing from the start of the year. This has been a fantastic achievement by the monitor manufacturers when you consider the tsunami that hit Japan affected a lot of LCD production, the increase in fuel prices to get the goods to the UK and increases in labour costs in China.

Monitor prices cannot conceivably drop any lower; as a bit of an advanced tip to the CCL-Tech readers we will be dropping the price of the AOC 931Sn 18.5 inch TFT LCD Monitor to just £59.99 inc VAT. Now really is the time to buy.

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