Too Many Apps?

Now you can’t have an article about apps without talking about specific ones. My personal favourites currently are:

Facebook – I guess almost every Facebook user has this; it allows most of the functions of with the great ability of communicating on the move. I personally like the ‘Check In’ feature using your phone GPS to tell all your friends where you are (great if your Facebook is more of a Bragbook).

eBay – Yes, now you can spend vast sums of money on stuff you don’t really need on the move. Even better, you can sell items through it using product barcodes to auto-fill most of the required selling information.

Skype – I have used Skype for years on my laptop but without a headset (which of course I have lost) and the sound quality isn’t great. Using Skype on a mobile works really well mainly because you are using it on a telephone – clever eh?

NavFree – This is my current favourite Sat Nav – and it seems to be popular with other people in the CCL office. It’s really easy to use and seems to get the routes and its ETA about right. I do have a TomTom in my car but this is busy gathering dust in my glove box as most of the time it’s just too much of a faff sticking it to my windscreen and getting it plugged in.

Spotify -  Strange one this one! I don’t really like the app at all, but I love the ‘listen to anything for a monthly fee’ concept. I listen to most music while I’m in my car so I don’t think I would ever bother with Spotify unless it had a mobile app. By the way, I do find that ‘Share My Playlist’ really helps to find great music.

RightMove – We have been thinking (for about the last 2 years) about moving house. The RightMove app is great way finding houses for sale wherever you are. It just works.

Others favourites in the office include:

Whatapp – Free SMS and MMS – it works really well and costs not a penny!

DroidStats – Displays how many minutes and bandwidth you have used on your phone

Radio Hub (WP7) – Great way of listening to loads of different radio stations worldwide.

ChompSMS – Update of the standard Android SMS – a bit more like an iPhone supposedly. 

Lovefilm – A really easy way to add DVDs to your Lovefilm rental list.

Angry Birds – Well it just has to be mentioned – it’s a total classic!

So what are you favourite apps? Please use the comment section to tell us!

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