The newly-launched bluetooth wireless keyboard by Logitech has been described as a glowing lightshow spectacular by one recent reviewer.

Writing for Digital Lifestyles, Mike Slocombe reports that the diNovo Edge bluetooth
keyboard from Logitech lights up like Blackpool at the touch of a button but does not let itself down on the usability front.

SetPoint software makes the functions on the
keyboard easily customizable, while the TouchDisc and volume control features are also straightforward to use and spectacular on the eye, Mr Slocombe explained.

The temptation to compare Logitech's latest piece of equipment with that seen for decades onboard the Starship Enterprise proved too much for this particular reviewer and the slim
keyboard was described as "a joy to type on".

"What you get with the diNovo is a beautiful slab of state-of-the-art, futuristic Tron bling which will enhance your desktop," wrote Mr Slocombe.

Meanwhile, the firm behind the development of the diNovo Edge have explained that it is cut from a single piece of black plexiglass and claimed that it represents a "bold statement in the office or the living room".

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