Congratulations to TCM gaming who have won the Call of Duty 4 Tournament at the LAN gaming event Insomnia 43 at Telford on the August bank holiday.

The TCM guys in action!

The TCM guys in action!

Using award winning CCL system to get to the final TCM gaming needed to win only one map, where their opponents Infused needed to win two as they had taken a more difficult route to the final.
TCM won the knife round and it looked like a promising start on the first map, however Infused quickly went ahead by 2-0. TCM planted the bomb early on and got a point back to make it 2-1. At 2-5 to Infused, one of the players dropped but Infused still managed to win that round and made it four rounds in a row won. Infused really upped their game at this point – Tomski took two players out within seconds to make it 3-7.

It really did look like TCM were getting back in the swing of things when Blackmane nearly planted the bomb and sadly got taken out before it was planted.

Infused seemed to be dominating this map, and eventually winning 13-5.

The second map was well underway, with both teams battling it out to get to that first place. It was neck and neck throughout and TCM went on to win five rounds in a row, from 8-8 to 12-8. Sadly Infused never really came back to win like in the first map, and had to settle for second place with a score of 13-5, 9-13 overall.

We at CCL are overjoyed that our systems and monitors could contribute to TCM-Gaming’s victory and it was a pleasure working with the team throughout the tournament. Hopefully this is the first of many victories TCM-Gaming can achieve with CCL support.

Be sure to check out TCM-Gaming’s website for the latest events they are attending and coverage of past events:

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